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Susan Poindexter

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I had terrible right hip pain to the point that I was incapacitated. I could barely walk and drug the leg, could not do anything, pain ruled my life. I had hip replacement via makoplasty by Dr. Mark Wagner on December 15th of 2017. When I woke up in my room, no pain, no depression, and I felt like a new person. I have a five inch scar,and I never even bruised. I had the makoplasty because I had a contracture of right leg of almost 2 inches, by having the makoplasty, my legs are equal and can walk normally. I have not had any pain since the surgery, I can't feel the implant and all is well. I highly recommend the surgery if you need it. Dr. Wagner is great, very nice, very caring and a great bedside manner. He was an angel to me and I am very very grateful for him and being a big part in my recovery and getting me back to a healthy and productive life. Thank you Dr. Wagner.

Susan Poindexter

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