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Chris Burke, MD

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Hey Dr. Wagner, here is a photo of a recent skin/ski of Mt. St Helens.

I have had complicated hip dysplasia on both hips, requiring extensive surgery on one. I chose not to repeat this in favor of arthroscopic repair, and have been more than pleased with the results. I required fairly extensive micro-fracture surgery and labral resection. More extensive damage than expected, though am glad I went through the surgery and recovery.

At baseline, I am a very active backcountry skier, bike rider (road and mountain) and tend to push myself fairly hard physically. I did the appropriate physical therapy and within 4 months I was back to full activity. My celebratory return to activity was to skin up and ski down Mt. St Helens. I had no pain while doing so and feel I am now back to full activity with no restrictions.

I have been more than pleased that with a minimally invasive procedure, my dysplasia can be mitigated and I can return to my desired activities with no pain. In retrospect, I would have had this procedure much sooner should I have known how successful this was to be. Thank you Dr. Wagner.

Chris Burke, MD

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