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  • Troy Buzalsky

    Over the last two years my activity level has increased exponentially. I’ve lost 20+ pounds, I’m able to wade my favorite fishing waters, climb in and out of my boat painlessly, and hike the backwoods like a teen-ager (sort of); all things that were impossible before surgery.

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  • Chris Burke, MD

    I have had complicated hip dysplasia on both hips, requiring extensive surgery on one. I chose not to repeat this in favor of arthroscopic repair, and have been more than pleased with the results. I required fairly extensive micro-fracture surgery and labral resection. More extensive damage than expected, though am glad I went through the surgery and recovery.

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  • Jetta Rackleff

    I would like to write a testimony on behalf of Dr. Mark Wagner for his excellent job on my hip arthroscopy on March 25th, 2014. After years of hip pain due to ski racing and hockey goaltending, I ended my freshman season as a D1 goaltender at Rochester Institute of Technology with a devastating hip injury. After being diagnosed by team doctors, I decided to conduct my own research.

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  • Ray Yillik

    I wanted to let you know how incredibly well the surgery worked for me. As you know, I'd been dealing with chronic groin pain for about ten years and never found anything that alleviated the discomfort.

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  • Lawrence Norman

    I had labrum/hip surgery a few years ago after getting injured in an international basketball tournament. Dr. Wagner did a fantastic job assessing the injury, performing the surgery and helping with the rehabilitation program so that I was able to get back to playing basketball within only a few weeks.

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